Surgical Treatments

Laser solutions are available across a wide range of surgical applications and refer to any laser treatments requiring incision into the skin. From minimally invasive aesthetic surgical treatments(such as laser assisted lipolysis and hyperhidrosis) to clinical surgical procedures like endovenous laser ablation (EVLA).

Leading the way in surgical laser technologically

Fotona’s most advanced SP Line of lasers includes Er:YAG technology - recognised as the optimal wavelength for extremely precise laser incision - with controlled thermal coagulation and bleeding it makes surgical treatments fast, safe and less invasive.

With handpieces designed by industry professionals, easy-to-use operating modes and advanced solutions for laser beam delivery,you can expect optimal clinical efficacy and unrivalled control during surgical treatments.

High-performance lasers with exceptional outcomes for patients

Inside the high performance <XP Line of lasers is the industry’s most effective and scientifically proven QCW Nd:YAG laser technology. A wavelength proven to ensure the safest, most comfortable and successful surgical treatments possible.