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Varicose veins laser treatment

High success rates, short recovery

EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) treatment works by targeting Nd:YAG laser energy to the interior of a vein, causing the vein wall to shrink and seal shut. The healthy veins that surround the closed vein can then restore the normal flow of blood to the treated area and improve the appearance of the affected vein.

How does it work?

Step 1: Access

Puncturing of the vein with G19 needle under ultra sound control creates an entry hole in order to allow the laser fibre to be inserted into the vein through a catheter. Ultrasound is also used in order to properly position the fibre in the vein.

Step 2: Protect

Tumescent anaesthesia is delivered through a syringe or by using a special pump. Tumescent anaesthesia has analgesic and vasoconstrictor effects, also it creates a cold shield in the vein to protect the surrounding tissue.

Step 3: Occlude

Laser energy from 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser is delivered to the desired location inside the vein by using a bare laser fibre inside a catheter. The laser is repeatedly fired as it is gradually withdrawn, depositing the thermal energy into the blood and vein wall.

The procedure is preformed under local anaesthetic and can be completed in just under an hour, depending on the size and number of varicose veins.




  • 45 minutes outpatient procedure

  • Lower risk of complications

  • No general anaesthetic required

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Minimal patient discomfort

  • More than 98% success rate

Our most advanced laser systems for varicose veins

Invest in lasers that offer varicose vein treatments and enhance your clinic offering. EVLA treatments can be best performed with the XP Dynamis or XP Spectro. Both include a high performance QCW Nd:YAG surgical laser as well as a built-in, non-ablative, long-pulse Nd:YAG aesthetic laser, which together enable an extremely wide treatment range.

SP Dynamis
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