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A unique, multi-wavelength rosacea laser treatment

Rosacea has a complex aetiology and its cause is multifactorial. Standard treatments from medication to topical treatments are generally not that helpful in reducing the effects of rosacea. Fotona’s rosacea laser treatment can however make a dramatic difference to people suffering with the condition by treating the different aspects of rosacea and targeting different structures with different pulse modalities.

How does it work?

The Nd:YAG used at different pulse durations targets a number of different levels within the skin addressing the multifactorial origins of rosacea.

There is an immediate shrinking the capillaries which provides an instant cosmetic result. Laser light is readily absorbed by the haemoglobin in red blood cells which breaks them down allowing the collapsing of the superficial capillaries.

The laser then addresses the spots/ bumps/boils and uneven skin associated with rosacea and reduces this followed by treating the background redness and pigmentation, giving outstanding results that last.




  • Safe and effective treatment

  • Minimally invasive

  • Precise and highly effective

  • Lower risk of complications

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Minimal patient discomfort

Our most advanced laser systems for treatment of rosacea

Treatments for the removal of vascular lesions such as rosacea, can be best performed with the following Fotona laser systems:

  • XP Line – Fotona’s XP line of Nd:YAG lasers is  an ideal choice if you value high-quality aesthetic treatments without compromising efficacy. At the heart of Fotona XP lasers is a high performance, non-ablative long-pulse Nd:YAG laser, which can be combined with an optional surgical QCW Nd:YAG laser to offer an extremely wide aesthetic treatment range.
  • StarWalker® – the VERSA3, FRAC3® and VERDE modalities provide effective tools for removing many types of vascular lesions. In addition, StarWalker® is also an industry-leading, ultra-performance tattoo and pigmented-lesions removal system thanks to its MaQX peak laser energy, four colours and proprietary FracTat® procedure.
  • QX MAX – the highest performance single-pulse Q-switched laser on the market. With four wavelengths in one system, the QX MAX provides all the tools you’ll need for effective removal of most types of pigmented and vascular lesions as well as complex, multi-coloured tattoos.
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laser tattoo removal

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