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Pigmented lesions and age spots

A unique, multi-wavelength treatment

Pigmented lesions are remarkably common and the overwhelming majority are benign. It is widely recognised in the medical community that Q-switched lasers that treat age spots and pigmented lesions are the ideal tools for effectively treating both.

Multi-wavelength, Q-switched laser systems with frequency-doubled KTP are uniquely able to produce very short pulses of intense light that are selectively absorbed by treatment specific pigments in a lesion or age spot.

How does it work?

Especially effective for difficult-to-treat conditions due to the selectivity of Q-switched light, Fotona lasers are able to break apart pigments only and not cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin – a unique feature that also allows other treatment possibilities, such as the safe and effective removal of complex, multi-coloured tattoos.

In addition to Q-switched lasers, Er:YAG lasers can also be used for the ablation of keratoses, moles and other pigmented lesions, enabling the removal of the epidermis and superficial dermis in a controlled and relatively bloodless manner.

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  • Safe and effective treatment

  • Minimally invasive

  • Precise and highly effective

  • No ablation of the skin

Our most advanced laser systems for treatment of pigmented lesions and age spots

Fotona’s StarWalker® system is a high performance Q-switched laser. With four wavelengths in one system, the StarWalker® provides all the tools you’ll need for effective removal of most types of pigmented and vascular lesions as well as age spots.

The SP Line of multi-application laser systems from Fotona (SP Dynamis and SP Spectro) can also be used for the treatment of lesions and age spots. Providing a single, uniquely capable aesthetic solution that combines the power of the industry’s highest performance Er:YAG, Nd:YAG and QCW Nd:YAG lasers.

SP Dynamis
XS Dynamis
laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal

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