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Laser hair removal

A gentle, fast and convenient approach to hair removal

Unsightly or unwanted body hair can be a source of embarrassment, discomfort or inconvenience for many people.

Excess body hair can also cause skin irritation, sweating and infections such as boils and skin infections. By removing hair with a laser these symptoms and conditions are minimised and often never occur again.

How does it work?

Our systems use the latest and most advanced laser technology to destroy the hair follicles safely, with effective results.

The Nd:YAG FRAC3® (at 1064 nm) wavelength, delivers high intensity laser pulses in extremely short time frames of less than 2 milliseconds. The laser energy is absorbed selectively by the hair bulb and hair matrix, thus destroying the hair follicle. Follicles treated in the anagen phase should fall out within approximately 2-3 weeks.

The FRAC3® pulse produces a three-dimensional, fractional pattern within the epidermis and dermis that is administered with a slight overlap covering the entire treatment area.

Laser parameters are easily adjusted according to your client’s skin type, hair thickness, hair colour and depth of hair follicles. The combination of light laser penetration from the Nd:YAG and the quick pulsating technology of FRAC3® work in harmony to destroy the follicles with no post-treatment care required.

Treatment schedules depend on each individual’s hair growth cycle which is why six to eight sessions are recommended for best results.

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  • Permanent hair reduction for all hair and skin types

  • Gentle, fast and convenient

  • Suitable for large and small surface areas

  • No risk of ingrown hair

  • No risk of irritated or infected skin

  • Suitable for larger and smaller surface areas

Our most advanced lasers that offer hair removal treatments

For the safe and most effective treatment on all skin types, we recommend the XP Dynamis or SP Dynamis laser systems. They both have the high-powered Nd:YAG laser with FRAC3® pulse technology.

Recommended handpieces are the R33T (using spot sizes 2mm, 4mm and 9mm) and R34T (at 15mm and 20mm) for fast hair removal. To quickly and efficiently treat large areas such as back, chest, and legs, we recommend the S-11 Scanner.

laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal

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