Project Description

Laser Lipolysis

Aesthetic laser surgery designed to successfully remove excess body fat

Lipolysis is one of the top fat removal treatments where the procedure that involves the use of a laser to rapidly dissolve excess fat in target areas such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck and parts of the face.

It uses a minimally invasive, minor keyhole surgical procedure which does not require general anaesthetic.

How does it work?

A very fine laser fibre is inserted into the treatment area where the laser light causes swelling and rupture of the adipocytes. This melts the unwanted fat tissue and once broken down it can either be absorbed by the body or removed by the clinician.

What makes this treatment unique is that simultaneously, the laser also tightens the surrounding skin to prevent it from sagging after the removal of unwanted fat. The same laser can be used for skin tightening, tone and textural improvements elsewhere on the body – making this a highly effective, multi-purpose treatment option for fat reduction and anti ageing effects.



  • Safe, fast and effective treatment

  • Little trauma and minimal discomfort during the procedure

  • Simultaneous skin tightening to avoid loose skin

  • No general anesthesia required

  • No stitches required

  • Fast recovery times

Our most advanced laser systems for laser lipolysis

Fotona’s SP Line will allow you to offer fat removal treatments at your clinic. The line boasts enhanced speed and precision across both surgical and aesthetic treatments. The multi-application SP Dynamis incorporates a high performance QCW Nd:YAG surgical laser and a built-in, non-ablative, long-pulse Nd:YAG aesthetic laser. Having the two lasers at your fingertips enables an extremely wide treatment range including lipolysis, EVLA and more.


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