FotonaSmooth™ XS

A multi treatment, easy-to-use laser system for all leading gynecology treatments

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Non-ablative treatments

The FotonaSmooth™ XS utilises a wide range of non-ablative treatment possibilities, including Fotona's revolutionary IntimaLase®, IncontiLase® and RenovaLase® treatments based on proprietary SMOOTH mode settings.

laser technology

Faster healing
of infected tissue

Leading treatments in gynecology

The FotonaSmooth™ XS performs all gynecology treatments with superior clinical results, greater patient comfort, faster healing and reduced downtime. The system offers exceptional clinical results for a range of treatments for common conditions such as stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal relaxation syndrome and genitourinary syndrome of menopause.

Key benefits to you and your customers

Less patient downtime

A haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection

Minimally invasive procedures

High-precision, tissue-selective treatments

Increased patient safety and satisfaction

Faster healing of infected tissue

The FotonaSmooth™ XS by Fotona

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Endless treatment possibilities

Fotona’s patented VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology also enables the Er:YAG laser to be accurately tuned from warm to “cold” ablation as well as non-ablative thermal ratios. This allows for a wide range of non-ablative treatment possibilities.

Unique, powerful and patented technology

Fotona's high-performance Er:YAG laser ablates precisely without heating surrounding tissue. Er:YAG energy is highly absorbed in water – the main target chromophore in skin treatments – and can thus vaporise the skin with micron-level precision and very little thermal conduction.

Technology available within the FotonaSmooth™ XS:

Patented solutions for ultimate safety and precision

EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology gives peace of mind that the parameters selected are being safely and precisely delivered by the system.

Advanced handpiece technology

That’s specially designed, innovative handpiece technology optimises the delivery of safe, effective and precisely controlled laser pulses to the treatment area.

Engineered for ease of use

Achieve perfection in clinical results with unmatched efficiency: the Smooth™ XS has an intuitive interface with customisable memory presets to help you work faster and more effectively.

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