A Guide to How it Works and Results to Expect

Laser hair removal was first made commercially available in the mid-1990’s. Since then it’s grown substantially in popularity and is now a common, highly recommended solution for permanent hair reduction with long-lasting results.

The technology has come a long way since the nineties, too. Now, the latest research, tech and developments work to get the very best results with minimal pain across all skin types.

The need for hair removal grows

Just how popular is hair removal? According to a consumer market report by Mintel, three quarters (73%) of all UK consumers believe there is more pressure nowadays for women to remove body hair. Some 82% of women remove hair from their legs, while a further 78% remove hair from their underarms and 57% from their bikini line.

The research also found that half of all Brits admit there is more pressure now than ever before for men to remove body hair too. So, it’s safe to say the vast majority of people agree that unwanted hair is an inconvenience. It can be a skin irritant and cause embarrassment and discomfort for many people too.

Medical conditions and hormonal imbalances also  spur on hair growth. Having polycystic ovaries can cause increased facial hair growth in women. And in males, the overproduction of testosterone can cause above average hair growth on the back, chest and neck.

Laser hair removal is a common solution

No matter what your condition or circumstance, laser hair removal has the answers. In most cases, patients can expect a permanent, significant reduction in unwanted hair that last a lifetime.

After treatment, future hair growth will be thinner and lighter, and therefore much less pronounced than before. All without a single ingrown hair in sight, making laser hair reduction an attractive and cost-effect option for many people.

From the small surface area of the upper lip to the vast expanse of a man’s back – laser hair removal – using the very best technology – works well and with lasting results.

How does laser hair removal work?

A laser system is used to fire a concentrated beam of light that’s directed at the pigment within your hair follicles. Once in contact with the hair follicle, the laser’s beam kills it at its root, vastly reducing further regrowth.

The very best lasers have advanced settings that adjust to both your skin and hair type. This means great results can be expected even if you have pale skin, darker skin or fair hair with less requirement to be a ‘good candidate’ as with other laser hair removal options such as with IPL.

The clinics we partner with use only the most advanced laser technology to destroy the hair follicles safely with highly effective results.

The technical bit:

The “Nd: YAG” laser within Fotona laser systems has a unique function named “FRAC3®”. With standard laser systems, the light repeatedly pulses at the same which is harsh on the skin and can cause unnecessary discomfort during treatment.

However, the “FRAC3®” laser energy gently builds up the laser light, thus destroying the hair follicle gradually. This results in a more effective treatment of lighter hairs with no post-treatment care required.

This unique method also has the lowest hair damage thresholds, making it much more comfortable than alternative options. Follicles should fall out completely within approximately 2-3 weeks.

Multiple treatments are usually required and treatment schedules depend on each individual’s hair growth cycle.

Does laser hair removal work? Real-life results in pictures

Now we have an understanding of how laser hair reduction works and which lasers provide the best treatments, let’s see the results to expect.

To showcase the ‘before and after’ results of laser hair removal using Fotona systems we teamed up with some key clinicians to bring you visual examples of their work in the video above. The images showcase the long-lasting results for their clients, some after as little as one treatment.

Is laser hair removal actually safe?

The best laser systems are usually also the safest. Advanced technology is advanced because it strives to be the best without compromising safety or comfort. It’s a good idea to look out for systems with built-in safety features – like the gentle, FRAC3 function or a built-in cooling system

Pain thresholds vary throughout the body, so your clinician should always use the cooling system when conducting laser hair removal. This is to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Many men and women describe the sensation of laser hair removal as feeling like a rubber band is snapping against their skin.

87% of people who have undergone laser treatments for hair reduction say they’d have laser hair removal again. So this treatment is perhaps not as harsh as you might think.

Laser hair removal and damage to the skin

People often worry if laser hair removal treatments can damage the skin, cause scarring, bruising or pain. But any side effects like this are extremely rare.

Choosing a reputable, highly recommended clinician is your safest bet. Also look out for the type of technology they use and always look out for the latest systems. Do your research before committing and you should have a positive overall experience.

Most clinics offer a free consultation, so go along and get a feel for the place and ask any questions you might have directly.

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