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Tattoos have peaked in popularity over the last 10 years but that doesn’t mean people always make the right choice. Tastes, opinions and circumstances change and the latest technology means that tattoos no longer need to be permanent.

How does our laser tattoo removal work?

Our systems use the latest and most advanced laser technology to remove coloured pigment from the dermis. The Fotona Q-Switched lasers work to effectively remove even the most complex and multi-coloured tattoos. Their unique multi-wavelength lasers use a frequency-doubled KTP Nd:YAG dual laser system, specifically designed for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal. It administers short pulses of intense light that pass through the upper layers of the dermis to selectively absorb the unwanted pigments. They selectively absorb the inked pigments for the body’s own immune system to dispose of leaving clear, fresh skin cells where the tattoo once resided

How long do laser tattoo removal results take?

As with all laser treatments, the number of sessions required will depend upon the size and colour range of the tattoo in question. On average, they take around six treatments to be removed completely. Read more about the process, specific laser systems and clinical results of this groundbreaking solution to tattoo removal below.

Our most advanced systems for tattoo removal.

For safe and effective tattoo removal we recommend the latest StarWalker laser system. It’s the industry leader in tattoo removal with a high-powered, Q-switched, multiple wavelength Nd:YAG laser at its core. Depending on the pigment colour, you’ll need to make use of a range of wavelengths for maximum efficacy when removing more complex artwork.

Full-colour tattoos are increasingly popular, so it pays to have a laser system capable of tackling them all. The QX Max is also available featuring the multi-wavelength Nd:YAG but is overall a less versatile device.

The importance of wavelength

Wavelengths are important with tattoo removal, as for the best results varying wavelengths are required. A precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm is the most ideal tool for tattoo removal. The safety level of this wavelength is also the most optimal, as it’s selective nature means minimal absorption into the skin’s melanin. To target different colours within the tattoo specifically, the wavelength must be adjusted accordingly. More detail is provided on the specific wavelengths below and will be provided in detail in all Caste House Medical Laser Academy training.

The best laser systems available for this treatment

Tattoo removal requires powerful, multi-wavelength solutions for the most effective results.
The best available laser system is the highly versatile StarWalker device. Or consider it’s predecessor the QX Max. Both systems have a high-powered, Q-switched, multiple wavelength Nd:YAG laser at their core.

Key benefits to you and your customers

This treatment is minimally invasive

All common tattoo colours can be removed

A precise and highly effective procedure

Used for both amateur and professional tattoos

No anesthesia required

Takes an average of four to six short treatments

Clinical Results From Our Laser Tattoo Removal System

To showcase the clinical results of the lasers we distribute we have provided some visual examples from key practitioners

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