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Acne is common in both adults and adolescents and in many cases is sever. It refers to the blockage and infection of pores in the skin and causes swollen, red pimples that can become painful and cause discomfort. Naturally, our pores contain glands that produce sebum, but hormonal imbalances trigger the overproduction of sebum and it is this, combined with dead skin cells and bacteria that cause this unsightly inflammation across the dermis.

Read more about the process, specific laser systems and the clinical results of this groundbreaking solution to acne and acne scar revision below.

How it works

For active acne, our systems use the most advanced Nd:YAG laser technology to target and destroy large sebaceous glands.

For acne scar revision, Er:YAG laser technology is used to remove micron-thin layers of skin, so new skin can form in its place as the laser gently vaporises the scarred surface, revealing undamaged skin below.

The importance of wavelength

Having two wavelengths at your fingertips enables you to treat both active acne and scarring. Nd:YAG lasers are precisely controlled to penetrate the overactive sebaceous glands at an optimal, shallow depth. The thermal penetration effects of this laser also stimulate collagen remodelling, which is vital in the successful treatment of acne.

But for those who have permanent scarring as a result of acne, the Er:YAG laser wavelength is ideal to penetrate the dermis to a deeper level. This works to gently ablate the damaged skin with an overall resurfacing effect.

The best laser systems available for acne and acne scar revision

Key benefits to you and your customers

The procedure is safe and effective

Controlled, accurate and precise using the latest technology

Overall skin texture and tone is improved

Ideal for any size surface area

A fast and gentle solution

No medication required

Acne and Scar Revision: Clinical results

To showcase the clinical results of the lasers we distribute, we teamed up with some key practitioners to bring you visual examples of their work and the outstanding, transformative results for their patients

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