Leading technology for next-generation resurfacing

The latest in resurfacing technology

For a wide range of common skin conditions the XS Dynamis offers third generation Er:YAG laser skin resurfacing. With fully customisable settings, this laser system offers a complete skin rejuvenation solution; from acne, scarring, pigmented lesions and the ‘tell tale’ signs of aging skin. Functions include superficial peels, deep peels, non-ablative and fully ablative treatments, full-field and fractional resurfacing.

Complete skin rejuvenation

Leading gynecology treatments

Leading treatments

An all-rounder for skin resurfacing treatments; acne and acne scar revision, pigmented lesions, skin resurfacing and scar revision. The XS Dynamis is also a leader in many gynecology treatments including non-invasive, high-precision procedures with little or no pain, and often without anesthesia.

Key benefits to you and your customers

A complete resurfacing workstation

Full-field and fractional scanning

Unrivalled ablation and coagulation control

Fotona SMOOTH and TURBO technology

24 pre-set rejuvenation programs

Optional wireless footswitch feature for ease and convenience

The XS Dynamis By Fotona

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XS Dynamis Overview

If you’re a gynecologist looking to expand your treatment portfolio, the XS Dynamis offers a vast range of highly desirable treatments at your fingertips. With exceptional clinical results in improving acne scarring, nasal and facial scars, perioral wrinkle resurfacing and general skin smoothing this leading medical device can open many more treatment opportunities.

Our Laser Academy can equip you with the latest skills and knowledge to expand your offering, enabling you to treat more patients and potentially tap into more lucrative markets.

Unique, powerful and patented technology

The XS Dynamis features Fotona's high performance Er:YAG laser wavelength, ideal for brushing away surface imperfections to reveal visually attractive skin with excellent, long-lasting results.

Leading laser technology inside the XS Dynamis system

Patented solutions for ultimate safety and precision Fotona’s exclusive VSP and EFC technologies give peace of mind that the parameters selected are being safely and precisely delivered by the system throughout the treatment duration

Advanced handpiece technology Fotona’s specially designed, innovative handpiece technology optimises the delivery of safe, effective and precisely controlled laser pulses to the treatment area

F-Runner fractional scanning and XS Dynamis treatment control features allow you to perfectly balance treatment intensity with acceptable patient downtime. F-Runner ablates 250 µm diameter micro-channels that initiate wound healing, which in turn stimulates new collagen and elastin production

Unprecedented full-field ablation options full-field ablation remains the most popular way to achieve dramatic results in skin resurfacing. S-Runner computer-controlled scanning improves treatment accuracy and control for even, natural-looking results

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