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transformative laser treatments

About Us

We’re a dedicated team with an extensive background in administering, distributing and marketing laser treatment technology in the medical and aesthetic industries. We provide the very best in laser treatment devices, training, services and support enabling you to serve your clients as needed.

Providing a well-implemented, profitable laser treatment solution within your clinic isn’t easy. We understand the many benefits of laser solutions and use our expertise to guide you through the process; whether you’re new to laser technology or looking to expand your portfolio.

Being able to provide new and unique treatments will not only improve the health and happiness of your patients but can also transform your business profitability and overall clinical practice.

Our Products Transform

The lasers we distribute are the best available. Made by Fotona they’re acclaimed and supported by clinical research for medical and aesthetic uses with proven, outstanding results. Using lasers to their full potential can open up your clinic to wider, more lucrative markets.

Our Team Support

We appreciate the power of great customer service and are proud to support our clients. Our team can guide you through each stage of the process, from choosing the right laser for your clinic, to advising on smart ways to expand your services when required.

If you require parts, spares or servicing our certified service engineers are on hand.

Our Services Empower

Alongside the best product, we strive to provide an unrivalled service. We empower you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your investment.